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Fiance visa is a dual intent visa, which allows a foreign national to immigrate in the United States for the purpose of marriage to a United States Citizen. United States citizen’s fiancé is allowed to bring the children under a derivative K2 Visa (must be under 21 years old at the time of entry to the US). Entry under a K1 Visa and subsequent marriage within 90 days of arrival upon US soil makes the foreign national eligible to obtain permanent residency, which is the greatest benefit of this visa. While the United States grants most K1 visas, simple mistakes or lacking evidence in an application can cause serious delays. If you attempt to navigate through the process on your own without a K1 Visa attorney, you will have to rely on internet sources, which often prove to be outdated and unreliable. This can put a significant strain on your relationship. Depending on the severity of application omissions or errors, the United States government might even deny your visa request which can leave you with limited options as there is no appeal process offered by the US Embassy and all governmental fees are non-refundable.

Experienced fiance visa lawyers

Our experienced fiance visa law firm can provide professional assistance and legal representation throughout the K1 visa process, preventing missteps and omissions that can lead to these types of problems. With our experienced k1 visa lawyers, you can rest assured that you are taking the proper steps to successfully complete your fiance visa application. You will also gain a better understanding of the application process which makes it much easier to estimate the time line for approval of the case and hence plan your wedding and future life together accordingly. Our office will handle every step and aspect of the process all the way until the issuance of the visa and your fiancée’s arrival to the United States. You will eliminate costly complications and stress in this process. We specialize in the immigration field and, with years of experience, we have become a real authority of the subject area.

Unique knowledge base in the K1 Visa field, Multilingual Staff and Flat Fee

We take all visa applications seriously and, by using a unique knowledge base with thousands of case records, we double-check every part of your K1 visa case on the subject of consistency, accuracy and adequacy. Our expedient preparation of all paperwork cuts down on total waiting times and provides great peace of mind as you both await the approval. You will have access to unlimited phone and email support during the course of the process. We will also ensure that you and your fiancée have clear understanding as to every part of the process.

Our experienced multilingual staff will work with your fiancé directly to provide proper couching for the k1 visa interview. You will be able to get prompt answers to all of your phone calls and emails. Due to our specialization in the fiance visa field you will be provided with great peace of mind and genuinely professional assistance by our experienced stuff . As our office have successfully handled and represented thousands of clients, we understand that many K1 visa applicants worry about the cost of professional help and effective legal representation.

We offer TRULY BEST VALUE for an affordable flat fee. Our flexible payment options make it easy to start your application right away and since we also offer free initial consultation, you will have an opportunity to ensure that retaining our law office is your right choice. You need professional help in this intricate and lengthy process. We are ready to help you manage the legal difficulties that can accompany this process, rendering a fast and efficient process. Contact us today for a free consultation.

We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian and use professional translators for all other languages we do not speak.

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