K1 Visa Process

K1 Visa Process

Dealing with the k-1 visa process can be quite a stressful endeavor. Not knowing the status of your future marriage is a lot for anyone to deal with, but it is important to keep a clear head. Understanding the process is very important and will help one to ease their mind in such stressful times. Nobody likes having to sit around and wait for an answer that has such a great impact as reuniting with loved ones. Keeping the steps of the k-1 visa process in mind will help one with patience, as well as things that an individual can do to speed things up.

Keep in mind that nearly 30,000 k-1 visas are granted each year, and each must be thoroughly inspected and deliberated. The process that is used today can be lengthy but is a matter of national security. Not just anybody is eligible for citizenship in the United States, which is why it is important to maintain legitimacy and enforce background checks. As part of the k-1 visa process, the petitioner will be called in for an interview, in which specific questions relating to his/her relationship will be asked. It is important to be calm, cool, collective, and above all; honest. Any suspicion that the individual is not in a legitimate relationship with the alien party may result in denial of their visa; something that nobody wants to hear. Choosing a reputable firm is also helpful, as it can speed up the process. At the time of the petition it is also critical that any children of the foreign fiance be mentioned in said document, otherwise this can delay the k-1 visa process. If any kin are not mentioned, a new petition will be required for them to enter the country and the entire process will have to start over.

Bringing a foreign individual into this country can be a very lengthy process, as mentioned above. Always remember that while one is sitting around waiting for their authorization, hundreds of petitions are being evaluated weekly. Also keep in mind that it is not just one department that each petition must go through, but several, each with their own unique step in the process. It all starts with the USCIS, which takes on average up to four months for approval. The time of year that this takes place will have an effect on the wait one will have to endure. Around the holidays many people are on vacation, leaving understaffing rampant among many USCIS agencies. After approval, the petition is sent to the National Visa Center where it will take an average of two weeks for clearance. Rest assured that the NVC will send a letter with confirmation of approval to the petitioner before it is sent to the U.S. Embassy. Once there, the most intricate step of the k-1 visa process takes place before finalization. After all is said and done the entire ordeal can be taken care of in five to six months, but is well worth the wait.

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