Why you need a K1 Visa attorney for the interview?

Obtaining a fiance visa may prove to be a remarkably intricate immigration procedure. Each case is unique and the circumstances in each case tend to be specific. Based on current time lines of the U.S. government and the US Embassy we are looking at 5-6 months for the whole process. It could be a little more or less as each Embassy operates in a specific manner and the government does not process the applications in a perfect queue. In the course of this lengthy process your relationship is at stake as any potential delays may cause frustration. The petitioner must invest all possible effort and means in order to have the application processed in a timeliest manner possible and establish to his fiance that the relationship is definitely worth more than the fee for the process.

There are two possible options: fiance visa preparation service and a law firm. Let’s leave the pricing aside for now and look into the actual aspects of operation of both institutions.

Preparation services typically hire unqualified labor to decrease their processing costs. As a rule the employees of the preparation services have never worked for a law firm before and have never been involved in the immigration area of law. The preparation services do not assume any liability for the wrongful actions. In the event of the denial of the fiance visa they will simply issue a partial refund to rid of the client. Since your relationship is at risk the fiance visa must be handled by organization that assumes a full liability and understands that any minor mistake puts your relationship at stake. Also, the preparation services are not entitled to offer legal advice. In the course of the process you will receive only consulting service. Due to the lack of experience these consultants often recommend marrying under a tourist visa and other nonsense things that can sidetrack you from the right path.

Law firms must always adhere to the regulations of the state bar association. Law firm must always ensure that proper legal advice is provided to the client and that this advice will not result in any adversary consequences. Law firm will provide an actual attorney representation in the fiance visa process. This is the greatest advantage. Specific form will be included with the application, which certifies that you are represented by an attorney. It is our observation that the government and the U.S. Embassy tend to be more loyal to represented cases. It is understandable, – hiring a professional law firm does indicate adamant intentions of bringing the fiance for the purpose of marriage.

In terms of pricing for the whole fiance visa process – the preparation services are not always cheaper. Whereas law firms must follow attorney advertising code – the preparation services often use gimmick methods of luring the client in with the low initial payment and thereafter incur a whole set of additional charges in a course of the process. There is a significant amount of labor involved in the fiance visa process thus the price cannot be in a range of couple of hundred dollars. The fee somewhere in this range indicates that the firm uses the deceptive method of marketing and potentially same method of doing their business.