Fiance visa: do not become a victim of a foreign woman’s fraud

The fiance visa process can be rewarding both for an American man seeking to bring the foreign love of his life to US soil and the woman who is being sponsored. Unfortunately, not all visa applications are in good faith and, despite the feelings some men may have for women they have met in other countries or online, it is possible they are being misled or used simply for entry into the United States. While no one wants to suspect his potential spouse of being unfaithful or manipulative, there are several signs that can point to a foreign partner who is more interested in remuneration than a relationship.

One of the most telling indications that a foreign woman may not truly seek a relationship is if she always asks for money. American men are often happy to spend large sums of money during the early stages of a courtship but should be wary if money and gifts showered on a girlfriend out of love suddenly become demanded or required. If there is always a situation that requires more money – from family emergencies to evictions or car trouble – it is possible that money is all she seeks rather than a long-term relationship. Sudden unavailability is also a sign that things may not be exactly as advertised. For example, if a trip is made to a partner’s home country but she is suddenly unable to meet or cannot stay for more than a few hours, there may be other men or she may simply not be interested in anything beyond the money being provided. While there must always be room for the unexpected, American men who make several attempts to meet a foreign woman with no success should consider the possibility that they are being used. It is also possible that no problems will present themselves until the fiance visa process begins. Occasionally, a foreign woman will be happy to take an American’s money and meet in him in person in her own country but have no interest or intention of moving to the United States. If she is constantly disrupting or delaying the visa process due to misplaced documents, limited time, forgetfulness, or if she claims that a tourist visa could be obtained if a large amount of money was sent, she is likely stalling for time and for cash rather than actively engaging in the visa process. American men should also be on the lookout for sudden disappearances or long periods when a foreign girlfriend cannot be reached. While it is possible poor Internet connectivity or the cost of long-distance calls could limit contact, if such communication disruptions happen on a regular basis they are worth examining. It is possible she is simply trying to obtain money and then cut out the man supplying it, but it is also possible she has several other men also being strung along in the same manner. Relationships are built on trust, and any American man involved in a long-distance foreign relationship should give his partner the benefit of the doubt. If, however, the signs above begin to appear frequently and the relationship begins to show strain, there is a distinct possibility that the woman is trying to obtain money and avoid the fiance visa process. More useful information can be read here: