What can get you denied at the K1 Visa interview?

How to prevent a denial or substantial delays in the fiance visa process.

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Evidence of genuine relationship.

Always save records of correspondence with your fiance. Typically, couples communicate by email, chat, skype or telephone. In a course of the process you will need to establish that you and your fiance:

1. Have effectively communicated prior to your trip abroad and the physical meeting;

2. Have communicated after the physical meeting all the way until the initial filing;

3. Have communicated and maintained your relationship since the initial filing with USCIS all the way until the K1 Visa interview.

The function of USCIS is to examine your eligibility as a Petitioner and your fiancee’s eligibility as a Beneficiary for a K1 Visa. At this stage of the process the quality of your relationship will not be critically examined, however, USCIS will verify that you have communicated prior to the initial meeting and that your relationship have continued thereafter.

After the issuance of the approval original file is forwarded to the U.S. Embassy, which scrutinizes the documents that prove the veracity of your relationship. Therefore, it is important that you submit substantial evidence of your legitimate relationship with the initial filing. It will be necessary to bring the evidence of the ongoing relationship to ththe K1 Visa interview, however, please understand that the evidence submitted with the initial filing to USCIS bears high importance, as at the time of the interview the officer will mostly relate to the original documents submitted.

Ability to speak a common language with your fiance.

The ability to speak a common language with your fiance is an important element in determining the quality of the relationship. An inability to effectively communicate may prove to be a basis for denial of the case. In case you have already initiated the process and you feel that your fiance’s English skills are weak – it would be advisable to sign him/her up for an English course. There is still enough time until the interview.

Biographical information.

Your foreign fiance must know basic biographical information about you such as: your previous marriages, your children, your age, place of employment, place of residence, any previous applications filed, any prior convictions etc. Biographical questions will be asked at the time of the interview. Answering these questions incorrectly may greatly impact your case and chances of receiving a visa.

Misrepresentation of the information.

Typically, misrepresentation of the facts or non-disclosure of the relevant facts may result in the denial of the case. If you are concerned about a particular situation – we would advise to discuss it with your attorney first. Your fiance also must know all information about you.

Written by: Joel Turney